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Intelligent Manual Transmission, The new game changer for Hyundai Technology

Hyundai India has introduced a new ‘intelligent Manual Transmission’, or iMT for short, with the Venue.

imt hyundai










A clutchless go with a manual transmission.

How does the iMT gearbox work?

For starters, the system does not fire the engine up if the car is in gear. Since there is no clutch to press, it doesn’t start if the car is in gear. You need to slot it into neutral and then press the start-stop button on the Hyundai Venue Turbo. To take off, you slot it into the first gear, release the brake and simply get going. With no clutch pedal to operate, your left foot remains idle. Shifting gears is done the same way you do in a regular manual transmission but without the hassle of pressing the clutch. There’s even a creep function where the car crawls at slow speeds after releasing the brake so you can inch in traffic without having to press the accelerator. When you shift gears, the sensors signal the actuators to disengage the clutch. After completing the shift, the clutch closes and drive is engaged. It’s reasonably quick and totally hassle-free.










The mechanicals of the iMT is similar to those of a regular manual transmission, except that the clutch is now operated automatically. It does not shift as quickly as a regular manual gearbox when driven enthusiastically, but most of the time, in regular driving conditions, the shifts are seamless. In fact, it is on par with the shifting skills of a very good driver. There are no jerks and the transitions are smooth and jerk-free.





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