audi e-tron india

Design of Audi e-Tron India:-

By design, it resembles Audi Q5 and Q7, but smaller than Q7 in size, the grill is also traditional and not much changed here audi tried to keep its design rhythm continued for this EV it’s hard to recognize it as an EV by just looking it because it looks like a regular IC engine powered vehicle.

Audi e-tron India

There is no side mirror but side cameras, and this camera goes live for your screens on the dashboard the side camera screens are much informative and view adjustable as you do in advance cameras.

Technical details of Audi e-Tron India:-

Audi is first fully electric SUV e -Tron is powered by two electric motors for each axle (Audi calls it e Quattro, simply 4 wheel drive giving the enormous amount of combined output of 360 PS and 561Nm, it can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 6.6 seconds which is very decent for a heavy SUV, if you switch to Quattro drive or boost mode the power of 300 kW or 408PS and torque of 664 PS will be achieved. Which reduces the 0-100 km time to 5.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km/h, Perhaps the motor reacts very quickly. 

Battery of Audi e-Tron India:-

The sealed liquid-cooled battery capacity of 95kWh gives the SUV  up to 400 km range. It has 432 cells in 36 modules which are packed on the floor of the vehicle like Tesla and the battery weighs 700 kg by which Audi has a total weight of 2490 kg.

Audi e-tron India

Charging Audi e-Tron India:-

The quick charger allows it to be charged from 0-80% in 30 minutes.

While AC current 11 kW 8.5 -9 hours and Optimal AC of 22kW charging takes 4.5 hours only.

Transmission of Audi e-Tron India:-

Planetary gear set ( 1 gear)

Suspension of e-Tron:-

Air Suspensions

Others feature:-

Big 21 inch aerodynamic wheels Boot space – 660 litres normal and can be extended to 1725 L.

Audi-e-Tron Price In India:-

Audi e-Tron ex-showroom price ( 1.4 crores).


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